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Searching for your vehicle

Navigating our website has just got easier after 28 years of trading we have our newly developed website. We have taken note of our customer feedback and personally developed and customised our new website, which is easier to navigate, highly informative, provides instant quotes, very interactive and easy on the eye.

Requesting contact from Applied Leasing Ltd via our Website

When making a call back request, enquiry or applying for finance online you will receive a notification from Applied Leasing Ltd to say we are in receipt of your request and will shortly be in contact to assist. Our newly developed bespoke CRM system will alarm management when an enquiry has not been contacted within a given time. We will endeavour to answer your request within a 24hour period, even at our busiest times. All pages are secure when entering personal/business data see our data protection policy

If you wish to speak with us immediately our Sales representatives are ready and waiting to take your call on 0800 525 209

Answering your enquiry

Our sales representative will be in contact within a 24-hour period, via telephone to discuss your enquiry and clarify further details. If our representative is unable to reach you by telephone they will attempt one further time before sending an email with your quotation or they will draft an email requesting further information to process your request. Please do check your spam and junk filters.

If our offices are closed and you require further information regarding leasing, why not visit our frequently asked questions page. You should find all the answers to your questions here.

Proceeding to underwriting 

Applied Leasing Ltd are a credit broker not a lender and therefore gather the information from yourselves, to forward to the finance companies. We may prior to submitting to the finance company, perform a soft search which should help us analyse if the underwriters are likely to approve your credit. We will access your income and expenditure along with payslips and/or bank statements. As we are not a lender and only a credit broker, we can perform soft searches and analyse certain aspects of disposable income however we are unable to give an answer for underwriting based on this knowledge. We are not able to see County Court Judgements, IVA Arrangements or any adverse credit and will require you to disclose this information prior to submitting the finance company. 

If you wish to know more about what affects adverse credit can have, please visit – (hyperlink)

Business Finance applications will be sent via email from our representative and can also be found on our website – (hyperlink)

Personal Finance applications will be sent via email from our representative and can also be found on our website – (hyperlink)

It can take 24-72 hours for underwriting once we have submitted your finance proposal to the finance company. At our busiest times it can take up to 5 working days for a decision. 

Once the underwriters have come to a decision our sales representative will advise you and with Approvals we will look to progress your order. See progress order stages below. If your finance has been declined, we will be unable to comment on the specifics as the underwriters will not advise us, due to the General Data Protection Regulation. We do offer advice on how to check your credit rating and how to download your latest credit report from Experian or Equifax. See our poor credit page for further advice (hyperlink)

Progressing your order once Approved for finance

To progress your order further, your details will now be passed to our Customer Service department where your order will be clarified and processed. The relevant forms must be present and complete from all customers –

  1.  Applied Leasing Ltd Vehicle Order Form 
  2. Applied Leasing Ltd Service Agreement 
  3. Business Proposal form or Consumer Proposal Form 
  4. Proof of Identity –
  1.  Valid Driving Licence (UK Full) 
  2. Valid Passport 
  3. Utility bill dated within the last 3 months at your current address 
  4. Proof of Income (Payslip / Bank Statement)

This department will confirm your order and will clarify verbally the following points via recorded telephone lines– 

  1.  Your rights to cancel 
  2. Understand your cooling off period 
  3. Understand where to find the standard specification of your vehicle 
  4. Clarify the vehicle make, model, engine ,transmission 
  5. Clarify the Exterior and Interior Colour 
  6. Clarify additional accessories (non standard options) 
  7. Clarify if you require maintenance included 
  8. Clarify who is responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle as per the manufactures handbook 
  9. Clarify Annual Mileage allowance 
  10. Clarify excess mileage 
  11. Clarify how mileage is calculated, if you early terminate your agreement 
  12. Clarify you have received and read the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide 
  13. Clarify you received the Initial Disclosure document at point of enquiry 

There may be further details to clarify in addition to the above and this process can take up to 20mintues via telephone. When you are happy with all discussed our customer service department, will transfer you to our secure line to take card details for Applied Leasing Ltd services. These charges are clearly shown at quotation stage on a separate document. Applied Leasing Ltd’s Service Agreement, is a separate agreement from the finance company. We charge only for sourcing and arranging delivery of the vehicle and we charge a Vehicle holding deposit of £250.00 which is refundable 14-21 days after delivery of your vehicle. Prior to payment you will have been read your cancelation rights in relation to our Service Agreement. Please note under the Distance Selling Regulation (DSR) you the consumer waive your right to cancel the order once Applied Leasing Ltd has begun to source the vehicle, therefore if you cancel your order before delivery, you may lose this deposit by way of compensation.

We do not charge for proposing you to our selected Finance company, as we may receive a commission from them for doing so.

Order placed

So your finance is approved and your vehicle has been ordered. Our customer service department will work hard to ensure you receive your vehicle within the given time frame at point of order. We will continue to send fortnightly vehicle status updates which will inform you where the vehicle is and what our next step will be. When the vehicle draws closer we will send Hire Agreements from the Lender/Finance Company for you to sign and agree to their terms of lease.

Cooling Off period

Some Lenders/funders will enforce a 14 day cooling off period from the date in which they countersign your finance agreement. There are very few funders who enforce this now however those who do will not allow the vehicle to be delivered until this period has passed. This 14 days cooling off period does not affect your Consumer Credit rights from the date goods are received. The Consumer Credit Act covers Regulated agreements only. Please make sure you read all Terms and Conditions and understand your cancelation rights with the funder upon receipt of your official Hire Contracts

Hire Agreements Returned signed

So you have read, signed and returned your Hire Agreements. Once we are in receipt of these weather they are e-sig (computer signed) or ink signed, we will forward to our funder for acceptance and release. If the funder is happy to release the vehicle for delivery based on the contracts being completed correctly, we can then progress to delivery of your vehicle. See our delivery process guide.

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