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Delivery Process

Everything you need to know about the delivery of your new lease vehicle.

What Is The Vehicle Delivery Process?

So, your latest update states ‘your vehicle has landed with our nominated supplier/dealership?’ What happens now? 

Once the vehicle has landed with our supplier/dealership we can usually deliver within 5 working days. There are a couple of steps our supplier/dealership need to take within this period, to make sure the vehicle is as ordered and fit for purpose, this is called a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). This inspection is to rule out any vehicle damage which may have occurred in transfer and to double check there are no mechanical issues/faults. The dealership whilst conducting the PDI will also check the vehicle has all accessories as requested and has been built/delivered to them, as per your original order. 

Whilst our nominated supplier/dealership conducts their PDI, our customer service department will be in contact to arrange a convenient delivery slot. Our usual delivery slots are executed between Monday – Friday 8:30 – 17:30, weekends maybe available and will incur an addition cost. Deliveries are driven by a professional driver. You have the right to request a ‘Vehicle Transported delivery’, however this service comes at an additional cost. The cost of ‘Vehicle Transported delivery’ can be built in to the finance contract and spread over the term, this would increase your monthly rentals. Alternatively, you can pay this amount as a lump sum at point of order. Please speak with one of our Sales Advisers for further information and costs.

Insuring your vehicle prior to delivery

Your delivery confirmation will be emailed and you will be required, prior to the delivery date, to produce your Fully Comprehensive Insurance Policy via email – or fax – 01952 403635 to Applied Leasing Ltd. The hirer obtaining the Finance agreement, must be either the named policy holder or a named driver. This information must be present and visible to Applied Leasing Ltd when submitting your Insurance Cover Note prior to delivery. You must advise the insurance company of the Finance House/Lender, who is and will be for the duration of your hire the registered owner and keeper. 

You may find you are unable to search via comparison sites for your specific registration, this is usually because the vehicle will not be registered until the day prior or date of delivery. If you are unable to search via comparison sites for this reason, you can use their search engines to select Manufacture and Model. To complete the policy, you will need to call the insurance company to inform them of the above. 

Some vehicles are pre-registered, this will be noted on your original order. If you have a pre-registered vehicle on order, you will be given this registration to arrange your insurance and it should show up on comparison sites. Please note that with pre-register vehicles you will be entitled to the remaining manufactures warranty and road side assistance. 

Note: the vehicles MOT is due 3 years after the registration date and therefore you will be responsible for the MOT if your contract/hire agreement duration exceeds the date that this is due.

Day of Delivery

So, the day has come, and you are excited to receive a call from the delivery agent? 

We instruct all delivery agents to call one hour prior to arrival for our customers to prepare. When the driver knocks on your door we offer the following advice to hopefully safeguard our customers –

  1. Ask for the driver to show you the controls if you are unsure. Manufactures new technology can differ from vehicle to vehicle. (The driver will run through all the vehicle controls and answer any questions you may have) 
  2. Check you have enough fuel to get you to the nearest fuel station 
  3. Check the vehicle is as ordered and that you are happy with the exterior, Interior and any additional accessories you have ordered. Make sure you check the full model ie engine/ transmission and standard specification. 
  4. Check the vehicle for any damage that may have occurred whilst being delivered. 
  5. Make sure to note the condition of the vehicle such as – extremely dirty, dirty, clean etc. 
  6. Check you have insured the correct registration number and that the correct vehicle registration plates are legally present 
  7. Check if the vehicle has a Service /Handbook. If this is not present, ask the driver how to access this information. You will need to know this information, to maintain the vehicle as per the manufactures requirements. 
  8. Check that both keys are working and that the batteries are fully charged. The driver can clarify this and make a note of this on the delivery paperwork. 
  9. Make a note of the Mileage, date and time of delivery

Driven delivery mileage will count towards your agreed overall contract mileage. At any point during these inspections you feel uncomfortable please feel free to call our customer service on 0800 525 209. We advise that all damage, even minor, is recorded on the delivery note, along with the external and internal cleanliness. With this evidence we can liaise direct with the supplier/dealership to rectify.

Note: Applied Leasing Ltd nor our supplier/dealership, can be held responsible for any issues noted after the vehicle has been accepted.

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