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Smarts Vison to make brainless driving a reality

Smart unveils brand new concept that is set to make the EQ the new IQ by 2030.

Set to make its first public debut at the Frankfurt Motor show, Smart's new concept the Vision EQ, is "on its way" to becoming the future of urban mobility, "fully autonomous with maximum communication capabilities and electric".

Image Source : autoexpress

Equipped with a rear mounted electric motor, a 30kWh lithium-ion battery and offering a range of "well over 300km", this glass ball is Smarts answer to city living. Being only 8.8 feet long and with folding doors it looks to navigate the hazards of city mayhem majestically. The small city car will also use its autonomous driving ability to find its way to a charging station, where its battery can be recharged through inductive technology - the car won't even need to be plugged in! Spooky!

Image Source : autoexpress

The electric bubble is definitely going to spark up controversy, with it aiming to be a level 5 autonomous car, stripping away control from the user. You won’t find a steering wheel in this bad boy! "Drivers" of the future need to install serious faith in their cars driving talent, with the 2030 model looking to harness the thoughts of its user to predict possible routes ahead of time.

This vehicle will not be 'owned' in the traditional sense but rather used as a Taxi otherwise known as a 'Smart Service' vehicle. Smart Vison EQ ForTwo will pick up its first passenger when summoned by smartphone, the second passenger can request a pick up, if the first passenger's journey allows. However, the second passenger's request can be declined by the first passenger. 

Image Source: autoexpress

Don't panic just yet Uber users, this is still very much a concept and is more a display of Smart's future aspirations. With the planned release date of 2030 and technology changing every day, 13 years of development time is sure to bring about some weird and wonderful changes.

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Posted on 30th August 2017 at 4:55 PM

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