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New iOS 11 to include Do Not Disturb While Driving feature

The new iOS 11 update is due this week and comes with a list of improvements to help change the lives of Apple users; new design elements, improvements to Siri and a revamped control center are a few of the changes but the one update in particular has to ability to save lives!

Do Not Disturb While Driving

Apple have expanded upon Do Not Disturb with this new feature; it will mute all incoming calls and notifications, on an iPhone, when it is connected to a vehicles WiFi or Bluetooth or if the iPhone senses that you are moving at a rate similar to a car. This feature is designed to help cut down on distracted driving and hopefully help save lives.

Once the feature is activated, it will be able to reply to any incoming texts with a pre-set, automated message to state that you are driving and unable to answer. However, it will allow through emergency texts and if you are connected to your cars Bluetooth, phone calls will still come through.

This feature is voluntary and can be turned off if you are a passenger in a car. There are, however, settings that determine when you would like the Do Not Disturb feature to be activated. For example, automatically, when connected to Bluetooth or motion activated. There is also a setting that stops Do Not Disturb While Driving being turned off altogether.

There have been many deterrents put in place to stop drivers using their mobile phones; doubling fines and points received on their licence being one huge factor but people are still using their phones and causing accidents. Do Not Disturb While Driving may be the final solution or, at the very least, be another step forward to saving more lives on the roads.

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Posted on 11th September 2017 at 1:16 PM

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